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Hayley [userpic]

End of term!

December 19th, 2008 (10:07 pm)

current mood: tired

I'm so gald it's the christmas hoildays, i really had to get away from school. I just really need the sleep because i think once i caught up on sleep i won't be feeling so shitty which will be good for me and everyone else around me as i seem to be taking it out on them (which i really don't mean to do. I will also be getting my laptop fixed, hopefully, i'm going to be wiping it completely in hope that it will stop getting blue screens and crashing all the time so fingers crossed.

However on a happier note, it's christmas...well nearly christmas. What are everyone's christmas plans? I don't even know what is going on this year XD oh well i don't mind though because i know that something is happening :P.

I've finally updated my LJ! Aren't you proud of me? Dispite the fact that this entry makes little or no sense lol

I hope everyone has a merry christmas anyways, and a happy new year :D i should (probably) be updating more now it's the holidays.