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Hayley [userpic]

Two posts in two days...butter me i'm on a roll

December 31st, 2008 (12:01 pm)

current mood: sore

I had a really random urge to look up my star sign and horoscope, which is something i never normally do, and i found my daily, weekly, weekend and monthly ones and if i'm honest they are all load off rubbish...yet fun to read for example here is my weekend one:

"You are keen to take the lead in your romantic life and may surprise those who think of you as essentially sweet and sensitive. Your ruler the Moon, links up to some planetary heavyweights as the weekend starts. It may not only be your loved one who realises what a Richter-scale- force they have to reckon with. From your point of view, you are merely prioritising. Friday is the dark of the Moon - a period when you can most advantageously plan. You are likely to be quite ruthlessly considering your options and what you most want in your relationships. It seems the rest of the week is then given over to initiating the new agenda. This you will probably do with the greatest of charm in time for an oh-so-sociable and exciting end of year beano. You'll be on form and there's a world out there waiting for you."

Now i don't know why but i just find that really funny...possibly because i have no romantic life what so ever XD . Also my day of the week is apparently Monday. Why monday of all days? XD

I'm strangly in a zodiac kinda mood now though so anyone who is reading this, give it a go and tell me what you got in the comments, i would love to know